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Specializing in Natural hair care, all types of ethnical hair care needs including; locs, natural locing technique, comb twists, press and curl, loc extensions,interlocing method,also starting locs on fine straight hair, damage control, ,and hair coloring. 
If you currently have chemically relaxed hair, being natural is just a few short months away.
Having a natural hairstyle is easier than you think. It is a matter of knowing what you want and being patient, everyone's hair is different. I can help you go natural easier and maintain healthy happy hair as you grow into your new found freedom.
Going natural can be fairly painless.The transition can be done by braiding your own hair or adding extensions. Depending on the length  you can also set your hair on rods to keep it from breaking during this time.
If you are already natural I can help keep your hair and scalp in good condition as it grows 'cause remember Nappy Hair is Happy Hair!
Relax in the comfort of who you were born to be....different from the rest,and able to withstand the test.

I am  licensed,professional hair stylist/loctician. I love what I do and over the past 20 years have accumulated some of the nicest, funniest and coolest clients around. Come by and check me out, sit a spell, watch a movie and relax in a fun environment where the care and condition of your hair is always first place!!